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Date: 2018-02-19 14:34

Here is something you was born with Fear and it 8767 s the first weapon the devil has used against you. Think about it. How many times has fear stopped you from doing of this and that and it all started with your own mother who while you was still in her womb feared the pain of having you , Why because others who had already given birth had so much pain and they pasted thier fear on to your mother about how much pain it would bring. They put the fear in her and through her to give you a clue take a look at your past life , when you were born your parents started telling you to look out for this watch it you might get hurt. Fear the stranger fear the cars fear the food fear what you might drink or the gril friend or boy friend the hot water the sun the darkness you keep it going for yourself. The devil is your fear master the ruler of your world of uses it to take away your Joy. Your Love Peace and Joy. He uses it to destroy your joy in life. I believe the answer to suicide is get the fear out of the ones who are affected by it. Why do they do it out of fear of what they can 8767 t see in the future, being found out about something one might have done. They don 8767 t think they have a life a head , they can 8767 t do with out someone it all goes back to what they fear that kills their joy and with out it they take their life 8767 s. How bad is that. Real gives life and it 8767 s not their right to take it away. God 8767 s all about eternal life , the devil is all about eternal hell. I myself because of the pain I suffer had it in mind many of times in the past but I always thought what if what if I did where would I go to hell or heaven ? Think before you act. I see it this way , if I commit murder upon myself then I am sure going to were I don 8767 t want to be eternal devil will chalk up one more point for him. The devil loves every life that he can take away from God who he greatest weapon is his fear and it has lots of ammo and it is loaded with fear. Be like God who has no fear. Am I right or do you not know?The night the devil attacked me just days ago I did not fear him and by the name of the Lord I stood up and faced my enemies of fear the devil and his demons who have spread fear all over this world of fear we live in. All nations live in fear of each other and what they might be up rules this world and the master ruler is the master of fear he created it for his weapon against the whole world and you are apart of to the Book of no fear the Bible Gods Word to over come what you fear and replace it with Love Peace And Joy and get on with your do you have to lose ? Your life if you don 8767 t. Let this be your way out of the darkness the valley of death and destruction of your life. Please dont walk through life with the evil devil of yourself with the Love Peace And Joy God Has For You At The End Of Your Walk through the Devils valley of death until you come through to the light of Jesus Christ your savior who will chose you to be in His Army a brave worrier who faced evil head on. Now put on the whole armor of God and fight the devil of fear , defeat him and his demons that spread fear all over. Been through the darkness valley of death , been there and done that here on this fallen earth full of what you feared the enemy in Vietnam most of you were not even born most likely and don 8767 t have a clue The fear of God is what will save you from death the fear of the devil will put you to death take your life away if you let it. People die of fear and they fear dying. It 8767 s all about FEAR. God Bless All who live in fear and the ones who don 8767 t are Blessed By God. GI worrier for them and now a worrier for am a 77 yr Vet who served in the Combat Infantry for those who were in FEAR. Now I Serve as a worrier in the Army of God Which has over come what I feared dying don 8767 t you all ? God says fear not for I am with you , does He not. Look and see for yourself self don 8767 t take my word for it or are you in fear of finding it out to be Is period !

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Hi, Sarah,
I 8767 ve been pondering how to reply to your comment. I know what you mean when you ask why God seems silent. A few years ago I watched helplessly as my son-in-law took his last breath. He died, leaving my daughter a widow. It wasn 8767 t fair.
When you read the book of Job, you see how to respond. Job lost everything, including his business, his servants, even his ten *censored*ren. About all he had left was his crabby wife who said to him, 8775 curse God and die 8776 (Job 7:9).
But Job didn 8767 t curse God. No, he said to his wife, 8775 Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity? 8776 (Job 7:65)
Job taught me something I have been trying to share with others: EVERYTHING IS A TEST! I am certain that Job knew that truth and was living in harmony with it because later on he said, 8775 But He knows the way that I take When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold. 8776 (Job 78:65)
He knows the way that you take, too. God has so much confidence in you right now!
When I was four years old, I had to have my tonsils taken out. There were complications in how my throat was healing, and my parents had to take me back to the hospital. I was scared. I remember being on this table with my mouth wide open while the doctor cleared out a some gross stuff from my throat. I was screaming and writhing in terror!
At one point, the doctor still had to put in a few stitches in order to close up the area he had cleared of blood clots. Simple tailoring for him, but I was freaking out in terror. The doctor paused and gently said to me, 8775 I just need to put in a few more stitches. It will hurt, but then it will be all over. But I can 8767 t do it while you are struggling and screaming. I need you to be still and stop twisting and screaming. Do you think you can do that? 8776
There was something about the calm sincerity of his voice that reassured me. What he was doing was hurting me, but it would help me once he was done. So I nodded yes.
So the doctor continued. He was right it hurt. But he kept reassuring me as he went along. And then he was done!
Perhaps the 8775 Great Physician 8776 is saying the same thing to you right now, through the things you have read here on my blog.
God loves you. He connects you with others who are also struggling. Together we can make it, if we keep encouraging one another as we hold fast to God.
Do you think you can do that?

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Thank you for getting in touch with me. I tried to respond above where you commented but I did not see a reply know you have been having issues with the site. I actually found out that I am Walt Disney and my daughter is Lillian. We came back as Mother and Daughter. I was told this was put into place because I was fearful of death and did not want to die I had too much I still wanted to do in my past life and did not want to accept death as the final ending. The thought of death just seemed too eternal for me. I also did not want to leave my family and was worried they would not be able to keep things going at the whole reincarnation actually goes back to my connections with the Freemasons and The DeMolay Chapter I was in. I had suspected this as well because of the vivid signs but because they are my brotherhood I will not go into detail here. My son is in fact Raymond which I find remarkable that he actually came back as a man again and so soon. We all came back here within 5 to 65 years after our deaths in our past life. That normally doesn 8767 t happen because when we reincarnate we normally like to come back as some other sex or something we have not experienced yet in our life cycles. We also discovered the hospital Hollywood Presbyterian where my son was born is 6 block from Raymond Disney 8767 s Insurance Company on N Vermont Ave in Hollywood. One of my spirit guides I was connected to through a spiritual adviser was Salvador Dali who I was close to in my past life and he has he showed me a lot of the missing pieces of the puzzle of how I got here. I also want to note my daughter who has Walt 8767 s Bday is Spanish just like Sal..I am Irish/Scottish. At one point this just became very scary and hard to more I rejected this theory the more signs were thrown at me. I also stared having flashbacks of my life especially of my mother Flora 8767 s death. When we moved into our new place in Burbank recently she came to me and frantically kept telling me to turn off the fireplace and blow out the candle and call someone. Eventually, I had to do it because she would not was like a siren going off in my left ear. The candle I burned above the fireplace started going crazy one night out of control so I blew it out and the next day a picture of a skull showing up in the wax and knew we were in danger. It Turns out we had a bad gas leak and we very close from an explosion had it not been taken care gas company was shocked that none of the neighbors reported it or smelled it either. As you know my mother Flora died due to my neglect of not hiring someone professional to take care of the issue at the new house I bought for her and Dad. Instead I allowed the studio repair men to fix it being oblivious to the fact this was a dangerous situation. We also discovered our dog Walter who I mentioned in the earlier post has Hazel Sewell 8767 s Bday May 6st. Hazel was Lily Belle 8767 s sister who actually told her about the job at the studio that got us together. There is so much more but this is not the place to get into detail. At this point I have decided I am going to write a book about this. I have documented everything with actual proof of pics and birth certificates ect. I have researched online reincarnation cases and although some seem valid most have a *censored* proof. I also want to let the world know that things like this do exist and are possible.

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